Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ketsui and dodonpachi daioujou Now working in Mame

Perhaps if you've been browsing /jp/ in the last hour or so, or keep up with this shit like I do, two famous and arguably the last "manly" bullet hell Cave shmups are now playable in Mame. The sound emulation isn't perfect, so some songs are playing slower/faster than they should be, which is unintentionally awesome sometimes. But other than that they play beautifully. Espgaluda should be following shortly as well.

Just extract and run the mame.exe, and you're set.


  1. I prefer Cotton games. That "coinnn" sound is sexy.

  2. I hope my comp has enough memory for this XD

  3. downloading now xD Hopefully this thing is stable enough! lol