Friday, February 4, 2011

Downloading DDPDFK Black Label

Thing is halfway done downloading as I speak, and really excited to play it, its at 71% now fffffffff. Here have a video of it.

Other than that, I'm sorta sticking to my goals as I mentioned last time. Filling out 1 job app a day online, and perhaps maybe even just walking around near I live if anywhere has a help wanted sign or something. I don't have the courage to straight away just walk into a store should it be like that, I still need to work on a resume for smaller places if they don't do applications. And then the mental preparation for actually talking to someone in a store about it might take me a while too, as that stuff petrifies me. I'm really procrastinating the Japanese studying though, there's just too many games to play at the moment, plus with my irregular sleeping schedule I wake up at 4pm, and I study best with natural daylight but then it gets dark at 5pm so yeah... ;_;

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1st of February resolutions

I'm not the one who believes in the whole new years resolution thing; if there's something you want to change about oneself, why wait for some arbitrary number on the calender to change? Unfortunately, I feel like this way of thinking has left me pretty unmotivated to do any sort change by always thinking pessimistically of illogical things like that. But after neeting for a little while, the least I can do is somewhat try to use my time productively, to work towards those silly weaboo dreams of mine like teaching english in Japan or doing something there (so I can actually go to some arcades and game centers that aren't crap, as well as embracing all the things of glorious nihonese culture, and be closer to all sorts of /jp/ goods and merchandise, just like in my japanese animes). But first things first, there's some crap I should deal with such as:
  • Getting some sort of job, all I need is roughly $450/mo for rent/food to survive at the bare minimum. This will no doubt be the hardest task of them all
  • Study Japanese seriously again, did about a year of it in community college, review all that and continue on my own.
  • Get a BA/BS degree in SOMETHING (it does not matter what, its all bullshit) as its required for pretty much any serious gig over there, however I'm butthurt from uni as some of you may know so I won't do this immediately.
Basically dots 1 and 2 are what I want to focus on immediately, and all this will take some serious work. Working hard towards anything not video-game related is extremely difficult for me, so I don't know how much success I'll have. It really is hard to change from my hikkikomori ways, and no Misaki-chan will knock on my door to try to cure those ways so I'm on my own. Especially with Japanese, I feel ashamed for being so monolingual, but every time I try to seriously start up studying it again, I'll do it for a few hours for the day, and then never touch it again for months. And getting a job is pretty hard as fuck considering the shitty economy and all, something a lot of you know looking for extra money to fuel your hobbies. If only I could apply for SSI and neet moneys, but I honestly don't suffer from severe psychological "disorders," besides the usual aversion to people and introversion, and I'm a horrible liar so I don't think I could fake it either. Plus I think ones parents have to be in on the process, and I really wouldn't want them involved.

I'll also try to post more often on here, with progress of learning as evidence that I'll actually stick to this. So far my goal is applying everywhere, one online application a day, and as for Japanese review one chapter of Genki (the textbook our class used) a day, getting through the book in 12 days.