Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MuchiMuchi Pork/Pink Sweets confirmed for region free

Pretty soon after my previous post, explaining that Mushifutari and EspgaludaII were the only RF shmups for the xbox360, Cave has just announced, in a somewhat unexpected move, that the upcoming MMP/PS port will be region free as well! Cave has explicitly stated before they wouldn't be doing any RF ports after galuda2, but they appear to be appealing more to overseas fans like us as their Official facebook group might indicate. It all started when they posted this up there:

Some of our fans may be familiar with our upcoming Muchi Muchi Pork/Pink Sweets Japan release. We currently have talks over some of our other Japan-only titles ongoing with overseas publishers, but our producer Asada-san is currently thinking about making the MMP/PS double pack region free. Feel free to send him some feedback here: blog360@mail.cave.co.jp

And has since been confirmed since this article on slowtaku

To which all western shmup fans (myself included, even if I already have a j360) bombarded him with emails pleading to go through with the decision. But basically, although great news, if you read between the lines of their intent, I believe the reason they're doing this is because no western publisher like Aksys (who have brought Deathsmiles here, among other niche titles you guys know of) wants to pick this one up, as its a vertical scrolling game with no redone HD graphics, which is a bit of a turn off to casual western gamers apparently. So in general, with no chance of increased profit of licensing the game for a western release, they'll increase sales by making it more import friendly.

For those unfamiliar with these two titles, check out the PV below

Another, very "interesting" older PV for MMP's arcade release

One last quick note about these game: Both of these titles are not exactly your typical Cave danmaku fare. They are programmed by Yagawa, whom Cave hired when Raizing (Battle Garegga, Armed Police Batrider) went bust, and play very differently from other bullet hells, the biggest is in that they employ a rank system, where basically if you go around shooting everything and collecting every powerup, the game difficulty gets jacked up to a point where its impossible. MMP is not that bad in this regard but Pink Sweets sure is, so it may not be for everyone (personally not too fond of it myself) but they're still fun titles regardless.


  1. Thats kinda a bummer he doesnt want to pick up on it. I know I have Deathsmiles on my shelf here at the store. Such a bummer!

  2. This post is basically telling me.. I need to learn more about Japanese video games haha

    That second PV is scary. Teacup pigs are cute but other than them...

  3. Even more reasons to think about getting an xbox, huh?

  4. >Even more reasons to think about getting an xbox, huh?

    This, I'll be sure to pick up all of these titles if I ever get an Xbox. Not gonna be soon though. ;_;