Monday, December 13, 2010


So as of December 10th, I've officially withdrew from all my classes at Uni. The way things were going there's no way I was going to pass any of them, so might as well have them appear as nice big "W's" instead of big fat "E's" (F's are too offensive nowadays). I've talked with my advisor about my cool story and such, and recommends if I don't like what I'm doing now, and not what to do exactly, a liberal arts degree might be ideal. She also went through my old community college transcript and also recommended since I took first year Chinese and Japanese there with good grades, that linguistics in asian languages would be a good choice too. I'm not really sure what to think of all this. I feel like if I'm going to go to college, it should be purposeful and a libtard degree seems like a waste of time to me, but at least it'd get that precious piece of paper that is a minimum requirement of doing any non-menial work. Then again I have no desire to work so whats the point. And maybe a linguistics/Japanese major might be cool but I see that as equally worthless as a lib/arts degree for some reason. I do have a strong interest in learning this language to read my VN's, idolm@ster and watch raw animu, and the classes would certainly help, but I also want to learn this on my own and not waste money on tuition. Plus there are other bullshit classes necessary as well. Thinking about this stuff is too stressful, I need to make a portal to Gensokyo and take it easy for eternity. Talking with my adviser though made me feel less like shit for failing though, I was seriously depressed about it the last few weeks

On the bright side, with no current plans for the future and no job, I'm officially a NEET for the unforeseeable, I guess I can finally take it easy, at least while the funds last. I can get quite a bit backlog done now, and further embark on my quest of getting the moonrunes to tell me their secrets. By not going out except only when necessary is nice, even though Christmas is around the corner it hardly feels like it. I'm OK with this, and hope to at least have a lovely dinner with my waifu on that night.

Take it easy guys, and stay dry this winter.


  1. >so might as well have them appear as nice big "W's" instead of big fat "E's"

    Yeah, that was a good move to do if you knew your chances of getting good marks was low.

    The linguistics thing sounds like it'd be pretty interesting, but as you mentioned that might end up not being of much use to acquire an actual job.

    I too don't have a desire to work, and if weren't for my conservative and harsh family I'd become a NEET. But under the circumstances I can't, and so I'm studying so I can get a degree and a decent-paying job, so I can at least move out and take it moderately easy on my own.

    NEET it up for a while, amigo, as long as it takes; give yourself time to think and figure out what it is you'd like to do.

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  3. Smart move on withdrawing.

    Having a linguistics degree might get you a job localizing Japanese video games. Maybe getting a job in Atlus or NIS?

  4. Thanks for sharing, I feel happier already!! X) The salon one is really lulzy hahaha

    I like watching animated shorts on YouTube, this one is pretty magical:

  5. Language arts can be a good thing though. Sometimes you can be useful for translating for other people or even in a job!

  6. Unfortunate. At least you managed to salvage what you could.

    I think you need to take it easy more than I do.