Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DRAM log

No, not about dynamic Ram, but I have a folder called that on my computer for my dreams I've written down. I had a whole bunch this morning, ranging from ronery to aweseome. I'll start with the first:

As the image implies, this one involved Yuri and Tenshi from the Angel Beats! series, and almost seemed like some fanservice SOL anime. It started out as the three of us were just watching TV in which I think was my dad's house, and apparently some cutesy dialogue happened between us and I was thinking how much I love them both but couldn't decide which one I would pursue ala which route to go through. It then proceeded to some sort of bathhouse where your typical animu antics occur and we somehow end up in the same bath and Tenshi is all flustered and embarrassed and it was so hnnnnnng worthy I could die. This wasn't like a japanese bathhouse in your onsen episode, but was a very fancy one that had water slides connecting from one kind of hot tub to another. It turns out this whole place is owned by my former neighbor who I used to do yard work for a long time ago, and I guess because I was trespassing, he made me organize a speaker configuration for some stereo system in the bathhouse, and then the dream ended there.
This dream made me really ronery after waking up because I will never be in that painful situation to decide over between Yuri or Tenshi to show my affection for ;_;  Soonafter I fell asleep to have another dream...

This next one involves me being at an arcade in China. I was in China this last summer as a part of some college program, and one of my fondest memories was being anti-social from the group and going off and searching where the best arcades in Beijing and Shanghai were. Actually I told some about them and took about half my group there to a good one in Shanghai and they all liked it, but in all honesty I enjoyed it more when I didn't have to bring anyone (playing tour guide is not fun and with our limited time, having others always slow down travel time I noticed). But anyways, about the dream itself, I found myself yet again in China after this trip, although I don't even know why but I was at some game center there. I must have somehow just transported there because even all my money was still in USD, and not much use at their change machines. However I met some cool dude there who could speak english and helped me out, we made a deal on the current exchange and paid for some of his Chinese money, to then get some tokens for the arcade. We then played some game I don't remember, and then asked me what kind of games I'd like to play and of course replied with my favorite of Shmups and STG's. He too got excited and claimed he liked them, and showed me that section of the arcade. At first appearance their shmup section looked fantastic, with all dodonpachis in nice viewlix cabs. However, there were fighting games inbetween and those were so crowded with onlookers they rudely took up those shmup cabinet seats just to sit down and watch the fighters, so I couldn't play those. The only thing I could get to was some sort of abomination of dodonpachi, like some incredibly knockoff version of it that had this horrible control system in the cab that resembled one of those "throw basketballs into the hoop as quickly as possible" games, and which you could only move with this shitty dial, and basically it was the worst experience playing a shmup ever. The dream ends there, and overall it was kind of cool having a dream about being in a Chinese arcade again, except that last part.

I'm not the one to seriously psychoanalyze my dreams and see what they mean in relation to my life or whatnot with Freudian mumbo-jumbo, but I wonder if they have any DEEPer meaning other than me just being ronery as usual (in the first one). I've somewhat been recording my dreams whenever I have interesting ones that are worth remembering, and I'll share more in the future if I have any! Usually when I get lots of sleep is when you remember them the most, which is easy to do in my current NEET status.


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  2. You went off by yourself in a foreign country? And actually managed to find something good? Hardcore bro

    >I wonder if they have any DEEPer meaning
    I wish I could make an Inception reference here but I can't because I haven't seen it yet "orz

    Can't wait to hear more of your bizarre dreams XD

  3. I wish I could dream about anime characters. ;_;

    Did you end up going to that party?

  4. cool stuff, I'm gonna start following

  5. The first dream depicts your longing for 2D life. The second is just reminiscing a previous setting in your life while containing an unpleasant experience.

    >Did you end up going to that party?

    I'm wondering this too. It's okay if you don't want to answer.

  6. Nah I didn't go to that party, mostly just because I was feeling sick. Otherwise I probably would have, they're free food after all and could bear with the social awkwardness for that.

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  9. Very interesting.

    Now that I have more time I need to starting reading your posts again =3 Keep it coming.

  10. Awesome dreams, except the end of the second one.
    Why can't I dream about 2D girls? ;_;

  11. Cool dream only once in a while I can remember a dream and, I even have music in my dream ya sounds like baloney, I also sometimes do actions like a punch, kick, or "jump".

  12. *o* A fellow hikikomori! I'm glad I started studying Japanese recently, I was able to read your banner.

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