Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shmupmeet in Seattle

Shmupmeets, or "Shmeets" for short (even more retarded sounding than shmup is!) is when fellow STG connoisseurs get together to play these fine works of gaming art, and/or discuss how delicious Seseri and Reco are. Mostly these are done at someones house, but in the very rare instance an arcade in the western side of the world should have some shmups, they make ideal locations too. Fortunately for me, living in the greater part of Seattle there has been a certain import/retro game store called the Pink Gorilla that opened up a little arcade in the back of their store for about half a year, and the owner happens to be a fan of STGs! The meetups have started not too long ago, and for our next one we got a snazzy flier:

This will be our 3rd meet now, and since the 2nd one we've been doing a tournament where you earn points in ongoing meets, although its just for fun with no prizes for winners or anything like that yet.

These have really been a 'blast' to attend, as there are some top-notch games and candy cabinets to play them on. Thanks to an anonymous arcade collector, and contributions of other attendees we've had the following games at previous meets:
  • Dodonpachi (Daifukkatsu, Daioujou White Label, Dodonpachi)
  • Espgaluda (1 and 2)
  • Armed Police Batrider
  • Muchimuchi Pork
  • Pink Sweets
  • Ibara Black Label (incredibly rare game, extremely fun too, has a touhou-like grazing system)
  • Dangun Feveron
  • Raiden Fighters Jet
And a lot more! For their current games list you can visit their fb fanpage here, and the thread on the shmups forum here. And now for some pictures of previous meets:

MuchiMuchi Pork


7 candy cabs, and more being worked on now! This is the current setup

One of our nakama's owning up DFK (got his first Cave 1CC on this)

If you want to see more photo's, check the links above for the rest of the pictures. If anyone actually lives around here, by all means come by! It's not a very hikki thing to do, but think of it like a /jp/ meetup minus the trumpets.


  1. Any mention of a /jp/ meetup will cause a shitstorm.

    This sounds pretty cool, won't go cuz I don't live in Seattle. Awesome concept nonetheless.

  2. Looks like fun.

    I dream of having an Egret II and play shmups all day.

  3. I wish my local area had arcades like yours. My arcades are filled with driving and fighting games.

  4. This looks like great fun, wish I could go to something like this even though I'd lose pretty badly!

  5. Sounds like it's a fun time for those who can go.

    Unfortunately attending involves going outside.

  6. STG fans are some of the most obnoxious gamers out there though. I hope there's not too much elitist nonsense where you are.

  7. I'm ashamed to say that I had look up the definition of 'shmup'..

    That sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

  8. @SugoiSugoi
    All of us are pretty laid back, we all acknowledge we all suck at the games, and we're all into other genres of games of course. There are only a couple of elitist faggots on the net, but they don't represent most STG fans.